Q: When should I seal my new driveway?

We recommend the sealing of your new driveways within the first 6-12 months. Using a high quality latex sand sealer is recommended to provide your driveway with maximum protection against what can be a harsh Conneticut winter.
This is an optional service we can provide.

Q: When can I drive on my new driveway?

You can park on your new driveway 5-10 days after completion "weahter permitting" but the driveway can be walked on straight away after completion

Q: Can JD Construction seal older driveways?

Yes we can, but usually we would prefer to power clean them first. Cleaning and sealing will extend the life of older driveways reduce wear and add a beautiful shine to your stonework. It will also protect your driveway from extreme weather conditions, saving you money.

Q: Will I receive a discount for doing a masonry and asphalt project together?

At JD construction, we are in a unique position to be able to provide both asphalt and masonry services together. In most cases you can save between 20-25% when doing both together.

Q: Does JD Construction offer a warranty on their work?

We provide you with a no hassle 1 year warranty on all work carried out by us. Our aim is to make customers feel comfortable knowing their covered in the unlikely event an issue needs dressing.

Our Warranty Terms

At JD Construction CT, we guarantee our workmanship as follows:
- All paved driveways treated with a vegetation killer. No guarantee that vegetation will not reoccur.
- Any bad or broken areas will be patched free of charge for upto 1 year. Areas pathed only. Driveways will not be torn out or resurfaced.
- Driveways Guaranteed for automobile traffic only - no trucks etc.
- We guarantee 90% water run off.

Be careful of:
- Do not put sharp objects like ladders, chairs etc. on asphalt pavement.
- Do not let oil or gas drip on asphalt driveway.
- Never operate power steering while car is parked.
- Guarantee is void if job does not remain within contract.

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified. All asphalt paving jobs are completed in a workman-like manner according to standard practices. Any alterations or deeviation from the contract specifications involving extra costs, will be executed only upon written orders, and will incur an extra charge over and above the estimate. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. Owner to carry fire, tornado and other necessary insurance. All thicknesses are to be in interpreted as average.